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Atlantic Halibut

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Weight: 400 g

Sustainably caught using hook-and-line, Atlantic Halibut is adamant on taste. Rich in nutrients, its snow-white meat and sweet, rich flavour is guaranteed to satisfy.

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 4 cm

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  • Common Name
  • Scientific Name
  • Provenance
  • Location
  • Capture
  • Operating Method
  • Atlantic Halibut
  • Hippoglossus hippoglossus
  • Northwest Atlantic
  • Canada
  • Wild
  • Hook and Line
Important Notice

We are currently out of inventory and closing our curbside pick-up at 420 Logy Bay Road. Thanks for all your support to date!

Good news – production will resume in April and we will be moving to a new location in St. John’s where we will offer our great seafood products, fresh and frozen. This will be a walk-in and curbside pick-up location. Stay tuned – official announcement coming soon!